Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wide Hips Slim Girl

Here's a new candid catch of mine. She approached me from the front and I saw her wide hips swaying from side to side... I turned around and was able to capture a bit of her rear view. You get the idea. Amazing, disproportional hips, a full booty and otherwise a totally slender shape. She was quite cute, a bit nerdy, but who cares. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
fafnercandids-03 von fafnercandids

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Extreme Pear Shape Beauty

Finally I managed to put together a video from what I captured of this beauty. She was totally out of this world... I first saw her from the front and was hypnotized by how wide her hips looked. I got my camera out as quickly as possible, but unfortunately she and her friend got into a quite dark shopping mall and then into a train. Her friend also spotted me quite early, which did not make my shooting efforts easier... Enjoy and let me know what you think.

fafnercandids-02 von fafnercandids

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fat Booty Girl Candid

Here's some new candid material from my side. This girl had a very cozy, fat bottom with quite protruding hips. Unfortunately, her boyfriend spotted me too soon so there's not that much material. Hope you like her pear shape.
fafnercandids-01 von fafnercandids

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[webfind] Brazilian Huge Ass

When I was in Brazil, I had the impression of being in the land of crazy wide hips and huge asses. During a couple of days, I have run into some of the sexiest women I have seen before and after that short time. Unfortunately, I was not able to take any pictures... The girls I saw there were extremely pear shaped, which made them so attractive to me - slim upper body, beautiful latina faces, tanned skin... The more I am surprised that these great booties are so hard to find on the internet. There is tons of "brazilian bunda" around, but this is mostly small ass material that could be found anywhere in the world, maybe with a bit less of suntan.

This time I found a real brazilian bunda, hidden somwhere in youtube. It was not even on the profile of a booty lover or a candid videographer. I uploaded it to my dailymotion account to ensure it will last at least some time. Notice how slim her upper body is, especially her arms! The quality is poor, I know. Not my own video.

a maior bunda do mundo von fafnercandids

Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Have a Big Butt!

This was a pretty lucky day. I had the rare chance to take some candids after a long while and then this totally fantastic girl crossed my way. I even had my good camera with me, so I was able to get some decent photos and videos of her. When I saw her approaching me from the front, I almost dropped my camera - her hips were so extremely fat and wide that they were bulging out to both sides. Then I turned behind her and thought, that's the biggest ass I have ever seen on a young, cute, white girl. And she was really slim everywhere, exept for her huge, completely disproportionate hips and ass.

She was walking with a colleague of hers that apparently was not a real friend, judging from their talks. At one point, they were in a pharmacy and her colleague said quite loudly "You have a big butt!". Hey, that was pretty mean! Unfortunately, it was almost impossible not to get busted. Two girls together are always a tough thing when it comes to candids. First her friend busted me, then finally they split up and my sweety was walking alone. However, at this time she knew I was following her. She started walking really, really slowly until I just had to disappear...

I would really call her the girl of my dreams. She was so tall, so beautiful, so nicely dressed, just look at her hair! And she was so perfectly and extremely pear-shaped...

Let me start by posting a few photos of her. It will take me a bit to cut the video material I captured, but I will upload the videos soon. You will not be disappointed. In the meantime, please tell me what you think.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[webfind] Very Nice Wide Hips

Here's a recent video of "echo_echo" on Dailymotion. Very nice wide hips and fat ass on that woman! Quite good candids as well, although part one is stretched a little. If you download the video and set the aspect ratio to 4:3, the ass is still wide enough...!

maturelatinawidelez pt1 von echo_echo

maturelatinawidelez pt2 von echo_echo

Thursday, August 18, 2011

[webfind] Insane Booty on a Slim Girl

This video created by blkaret (a.k.a. ImB'inWatch3D) and uploaded on youtube is a very rare catch. Unfortunately the video is short and badly lit, but better this than nothing. I am posting screencaps of the video here since I don't want to end up having a dead link youtube video on my blog, as soon as his channel gets closed again. Please check out his youtube and Dailymotion channels to see some more good candids - unfortunately no more material of this extraordinary cutie.

You will agree with me that this girl is the definition of fafneresque, a perfect, beautiful pear shape, slim legs and arms, a narrow waist and upper body, narrow shoulders, beautiful hair... and then this completely disproportionate, soft fat ass, spreading out backwards and, thanks to some wide hips, to both sides.

I personally stumble across girls like this maybe once every other year. I see fat girls in all shapes and sizes and I see slim girls with no ass at all. Then once in a while there is a fat ass but no wide hips. This girl leaves me speechless and breathless. I bet she's totally unhappy with her shape and many people laugh at her proportions. And then there's a small couple of guys like me that are addicted to a shape like hers...

Sometimes I hate this addition... other men see millions of girls they find extremely sexy on the streets, for me most of them are completely boring. And when I see a girl like this, I almost get a hear attack. Tell me what you think about this girl.